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Ecommerce Website

We design, build, host, and support B2B and B2C e-commerce websites that integrate with Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac). Our full-featured ecommerce package is unbeatable. It also has hundreds of optional enterprise-class upgrades and customizations.

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Sync Tool

Keep your ecommerce website and leave the Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) integration to us. Our Sync Tool can bring sales orders into Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac). It can also incrementally push customers, products, inventory levels, pricing, history data, etc out. It supports CSV, XML, or your shopping cart's custom APIs.

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We work with Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) Business Partners to offer ERP-integrated ecommerce websites and stand-alone ecommerce integration solutions to your customers. The program is simple. You make the introductions, and we handle all of the discovery, sales, build, and support responsibilities.


Introducing our ecommerce website with Sage 300 ERP integration. Powerful product.

Our hosted ecommerce website package is a full featured B2B and B2C ecommerce website with a real-time, bi-directional Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) integration. The ecommerce package includes the following major features.

Ecommerce Website

A B2B and/or B2C product catalog, shopping cart, web page catalog, navigation system, quick order form, and lots of additional features are included. In addition, hundreds of optional upgrade modules are available for additional pricing.

My Account Section

Allows customers to access account info, addresses, orders, invoices, and shipments pulled from your ERP. This includes orders, invoices, and shipments from all order sources (website, phone, fax, email, edi, etc).

Web Driver Control Panel

A full content management system (CMS) to access all content and data in the website. Content viewed, added, edited, and deleted through the control panel or in bulk through CSV (excel) files.

Standard Design Template

A professional design template customized with your logo and colors is included in the base package. Custom designs are available for additional pricing.

ERP Driver Sync Tool

Eliminates the manual re-keying of all data between your ERP system and website through a real-time, bi-directional integration.

Professional Services

The base package includes standard implementation services and 16 hours of general project management services. Additional general, design, and custom development services are available on an hourly basis.

Eligible Versions: The ecommerce package is available on Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) versions 5.5, 6.0, 2012 (also called 6.1), 2013 (also called 6.2) and 2014 (also called 6.3) running MS SQL Server. Other version can be accommodated for additional pricing.

Base Package (1)


  • Full B2C and B2B product catalog, shopping cart, ordering, and pricing based on the customer login (note: other B2B options are available to block all or parts of the website from anonymous users).
  • Webpage catalog for unlimited content pages with ability to display slideshows and featured product sections
  • Navigation system to easily manage website navigation
  • SEO static page system with 301 URL redirects
  • Unique SSL setup and install on web servers **certificate must be purchased separately (i.e. from GoDaddy, Verisign, etc)
  • Contact us form

Product Catalog

  • Full pricing support to exactly replicate Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) pricing logic (pricing is automtically sync'd from Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) and applied when the customer logs in)
  • Product categories with unlimited levels of nesting
  • Ability to add a product to multiple categories
  • Suggested and related products
  • Customer favorites / Wish list
  • Keyword search with hidden search terms
  • Keyword search logging (last 10K searches)
  • Split keyword search terms
  • Search suggestions and autocomplete with search terms manager
  • Email a friend
  • Additional product images
  • Document downloads
  • List (input quantity) / Thumbnail product display choices
  • Recently viewed products
  • Parent/Child products with input quantity and nested drop list views
  • Breadcrumb navigation for product catalog and web pages

Shopping Cart

  • Billing address prepopulated from ERP if existing customer
  • Ability to store multiple ship-to addresses, also prepopulated
  • Table-based shipping calculations based on cart contents weight, number of items, total price
  • Real-time shipping rate calculations from UPS and/or Fedex
  • Advanced shipping filtering options
  • Ability for customer to use own shipping account
  • Shipping estimator
  • AJAX add to cart popup window
  • Cart preview window
  • Quick order form with favorites lists and re-order from previous order
  • Sales Tax from 1) Tax Tables in Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) (integrated with Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac)), 2) Sage Sales Tax by Avalara, or 3) No Tax.
  • Real-time credit card authorizations with Sage Payments allowing automatic capture of CC inside the standard ERP workflow (a Sage Payment Services account is required and can be obtained through Sage).

Customer Portal

  • Ability to view/edit account, contact and user information (from ERP)
  • Ability to view/edit ship-to addresses (from ERP)
  • Sales orders - reflects web and non-web orders from ERP system
  • Open invoices - reflects web and non-web orders from ERP system
  • Invoice history - reflects web and non-web orders from ERP system
  • Shipments with tracking - web and non-web orders from ERP system
  • Sales order/invoice data will be initially seeded with 3 months of historical data from ERP system
  • Ability to self-create login tied to actual ERP account via website validation using ZIP/Postal code and existing account number


  • Automated order confirmation email
  • Automated shipment tracking email
  • Automated contact us confirmation email
  • Automated email a friend
  • Automated request password email

Content Management

  • Web Driver control panel for managing all aspects of website
  • Ability to upload/download data via CSV (Excel) documents
  • ERP is main source of data, so no need to manage that data in website!

ERP Integration

  • Item pricing
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Customers
  • Customer ship-to addresses
  • Customer payment terms
  • Invoices - open and historical
  • Sales orders
  • New customers
  • Ship-to addresses
  • Sales orders - header and lines
  • Credit card transaction information (note: we do not store or move the actual CC number)

Cloud Services

  • No Server, Hardware, of Low Level Software Purchases Required
  • No Server or Hardware Setup or Management Required
  • Tier 2 Data Center with Full Redundancy
  • Enterprise Level Server & Hardware Infrastructure
  • 99.9% + Uptime Availability Backed By Service Level Agreements
  • Keeping the Website and ERP Integration Running Properly
  • Monitoring, Maintenance, and Backups
  • Security / PCI Compliance
  • Version Upgrades for Website Software & ERP Versions
  • Scale Functionality (700+ Modules + Customization)
  • Scale Capacity (5 Service Levels Gives You Room To Grow)
  • Minimize Risk From Planned & System Changes with...
  • Version Management and Deployment Systems With Unique (per website) Version Control
  • Proven Planning, Development, and Deployment Processes
  • A Separate Staging / Pre-Production Environment

Default Settings

  • Single language / english
  • Single currency, us dollars
  • Single ERP company file - only one company file will integrate with the website (note: this is the correct choice on 95%+ of the websites we build)
  • All users can edit their billing addresses
  • All users can add, use, and edit shipping addresses
  • No credit hold/limit in website - a customers credit limit - if applicable - is managed in the ERP system (website has no knowledge of credit hold/limit status, all orders are accepted)
  • Order date = the actual date the order is placed (no special configuration or calculations)
  • Epected ship date is not addressed in the website ordering process (it is not calculated, displayed, stored, or passed to ERP)
  • Requested ship/pickup date is not addressed in the website ordering process (it is not collected from customer, stored, or passed to ERP)
  • All users that can see 100% of the products, 100% of the product categories, 100% of the nav links, and 100% of the shipping methods
  • Order numbers are sequential, starting at 100,000, and are prefixed with a "W" before sending to the ERP system
  • Customer numbers (for new, anonymous customers) are automatically generated in the shopping cart to be compliant with ERP formats and are sent to the ERP system
  • No inventory levels - inventory qty available / stock status is not displayed or used in the website

The implementation will result in you getting access to your hosted ecommerce website that is integrated with your Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) system. The website will be fully functional with all of the standard features and will include sample data that allows you to verify the functionality on the website. It will also be seeded with your data from your ERP system (customers, products, pricing, etc) ready for you to "clean up" and customize as needed. You will be able to place orders on the website and see them automatically feed into your ERP system. You will also be able to add and edit data in your Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) system (like customers, products, etc) and see the updates automatically feed to the website. The website will be fully functional with all of the standard options, but will not have any Optional Upgrades installed yet (if applicable / in scope).

  • 8 week implementation from receipt of your critical path deliverables and access to your Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) system
  • Initial kickoff call with PM (approx. 30 mins - 1 hour)
  • Setup and testing of the database, ecommerce website, & Web Driver control panel (CMS)
  • ERP Driver sync tool install with full ERP integration and testing
  • Website turnover and data flow review phone call with PM (approx. 1-2 hours)
  • Access to Website Pipeline University - an online video training library
  • Project Management
  • Content support
  • Training
  • Tweaks and Customizations
  • Consulting
  • Punchlisting
  • Any / all other support needed
  • Any un-used time will be refunded or credited to your account
  • Additional time is available and billed hourly (if needed)

Optional Upgrades

The following is a list of common Template Design Services upgrades requested with our ecommerce package.

  • Match Existing Site Design Template (matches color, logo, general concept / layout)
  • Custom Design Template from Stock Catalog
  • Custom Design Template provided by Client (as layered PSD files)
  • Custom Design Template from Scratch

Do you have enterprise needs? That‘s not a problem. The ecommerce package is just the starting point for Website Pipeline. We have a long history of providing enterprise-class website applications and services. In fact, that‘s how we got started in the integrated ecommerce space. Contact us for a free initial consultation and demo. If it looks like we're a good fit, our team can walk you through our proven planning and discovery process and provide a custom scope and estimate.

  • SL1: Shared Database (SL1) - max 500 web orders per month, capped at 10k records per table
  • SL1.5: Designated Database File (SL1.5) - max 1,500 web orders per month, no record cap
  • SL2: Designated Database File & Server Resources (SL2) - max 3,000 web orders per month, no record cap
  • SL2.5: Designated Database File & Server Resources x 2 (SL2.5) - max 6,000 web orders per month, no record cap
  • SL3: Designated Database File & Server Resources x 3 (SL3) - max 12,000 web orders per month, no record cap
  • SL4: Designated Network (Rack, Connection, Power, Servers, Misc. Equipment, Monitoring, Backups, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Alternative CC Payment Gateway (Authorize, Payflow, or Chase) instead of Sage Payment Services
  • Narrow-Refine Your Search / Faceted Search (speed optimized for large data sets, category specific search groups)
  • Inventory Levels Bundle (integrated with Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac))
    • Inventory Levels - Base Module
    • Custom Inventory Messaging Per Product or Product Group (IDP)
    • Product Inventory (Out of Stock) Watch with Email Notification
    • Stock Warning / Back Order Notice (warns user if qty in cart is above qty available)
  • Enterprise B2C Selling Bundle
    • Customer Reviews / Ratings System
    • Customers Who Bought This Also Bought This
    • Product Marketing Icons That Overlay Each Corner of the Product Images
    • Child Product Override on Document Downloads (Requires Doc Downloads)
    • Child Product Override on Images / Additional Images
    • Guest Checkout
    • Shopping Cart - Saved Shopping Carts
    • Persistent Cookies on Shopping Cart
    • Coupon Manager (with usage & pricing restrictions, shipping/product total, up to 1,000 coupons)
    • Coupon Manager - Upgrade to Advanced (customer & per product filters, up to 10,000 coupons)
    • Coupon Manager - Coupon Classes on Products
    • Coupons into ERP (with Sales Orders) - Import On Sales Order Line Using a Fixed Item Number for All Coupons (i.e. COUPON)
    • Abandoned Cart Email (sends once per cart, 1 week after the cart was left - only works on logged in customers)
    • Web Page Catalog - Advanced (page sections, faqs, news articles, etc)
    • Blog Management System - BASE - Ability to Create One or More Blogs and Add & Manage Posts On Them
    • Blog Management System - Comments - Allows Website User to Posts Comments on Blog Posts
    • Sitemap Auto-Generator for Search Engines (Automated Daily Updates of all 3 major format - for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others)
  • Order Date, Expected Ship Date, and Requested Ship Date Calculations
  • Product Configurators (multiple selectors impacting product makeup and price)
  • Bill of Materials (with Kitting and Options) Support
  • Apparel and Embellishment Support
  • Multi-language, Multi-currency Options
  • Multiple ERP Company File Options
  • Account and Login Creation Options with ERP Roundtrip for Approvals
  • Unit of Measure / Conversion Support
  • Product Ordering Restrictions (min qty, max qty, increment, min totals, user spend caps, etc)
  • MAP Pricing Controls
  • Product Promos (Buy X, Get Y Free)
  • Large Product Catalog (1 million + products)
  • Request for Quote System
  • Make & Model Search with Exploded View Diagrams
  • Product Aliasing (Sku, Name, Description, Show Price, Show ATC)
  • Product Formulary Support
  • Punchout Catalog Support (cXML - Ariba/PeopleSoft, XML - Oracle, Roundtrip HTML Forms - SAP / C1, Others)
  • Variable Data Collection on Products
  • GL (Cost) Account Code Collection on Order Header and/or Lines
  • Inventory Sum, Breakout by Warehouses, or Single Warehouse (by customer default)
  • IP and Shipping Address Blocks
  • Duplicate User Checks and Warn/Stop in Cart Checkout
  • Shipping Address Verification by UPS or FedEx
  • Advanced Shipping Estimating Tools (flat per product, dimensional packaging, hazardous, shipping classes, account specific thresholds, etc)
  • Credit Card Nickname System with Secure Vaulting/Storage Through Payment Gateway
  • BCC Order Confirmation Emails
  • Paypal, Wire, and Other Payment Methods
  • Store / Local / Warehouse Pickup Options
  • Pending Order Queue (for review / approval before push to ERP)
  • Automated Shopping Feeds (i.e. to Google Products)
  • RMA System
  • Pay Invoices Online
  • Optional / User-Defined Fields on Any Table
  • Branded Websites / Storefronts for Company Stores, Private Label Sites, Vertical Market Sites, and Selling Under Different Brands
  • Ability to Vary Design, Product Data, Content, Product Pricing, Tax Calcs, CC Merchant Account, etc per Branded Storefront
  • User Profiling to Vary Products, Categories, Shipping Methods, Navigation, Website Features (i.e. show price, show atc, etc) By User, Account/Customer, Customer Type, Geographic Region, Language, and Website
  • Membership System with Signup, Renewal, and Notification Emails
  • Geographic Region Profiling with Auto Detection by IP Address
  • Customer Types Profiling (Including National Account Support)
  • Soft Goods Sales Support with Auto Authorization from Orders
  • Gift Certificate System with Auto Create from Orders and Email Delivery of Certificate
  • Mobile Platform (Site, Catalog, Cart) for iOS (iPhone) and Android Devices
  • Store Locator with Zip Code and Country Proximity Searches
  • Web Service / API Layer for XML Based Data Push and Pull Services
  • ... and more

The ecommerce package includes the Standard Implementation and General Services you will need for our Base Software package. We also provide additional services, on an hourly / as-need basis, for all of your upgrades and customizations. Our professional services team is located right here in our corporate office (in Greenville, SC)... so you don't have to worry about communication breakdowns and translation problems.

  • Additional PM, Consulting, Content, etc. (as needed)
  • Custom Design Services (as needed)
  • Custom Modifications to Existing Modules (as needed)
  • Custom Development of New Modules / Functionality (as needed)
  • Custom Integrations with Other Software Systems (as needed)

The ERP Driver Sync Tool is software that automatically syncs data (like orders, products, customers, and inventory levels) between your Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) financial & inventory software system and your ecommerce website or other applications.

Sync Tool Packages

#1 - CSV or XML to/from FTP

Our ERP Driver Sync Tool moves data into and out of your ERP system using CSV or XML files that are dropped on an FTP directory. It automatically imports sales orders into your ERP. It also exports products, customers, addresses, inventory levels, and shipments from your ERP. It can run as fast as every 1 minute. When exporting data, it can drop only records that change.. or it can batch export an entire table (or both).

#2 - Magento Integration

Our Magento to Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) integration involves two pieces of software: 1) Our ERP Driver Sync Tool that moves data into and out of the ERP system. It communicates with your Magento website through Magento's standard API interfaces. 2) A Magento Extension that extends the capabilities of Magento's APIs to allow us to push and pull data with our sync tool. The extension installs a custom controller file and some additional attribute fields on products, customers, addresses, and orders. This offering is available on recent versions of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

#3 - Other Carts / Custom APIs

This option is built on top of our standard offering (option #1). We can configure the Sync Tool to interface with your website‘s custom APIs (using Web Services, REST, HTML form-posts, etc). All integration services are billed hourly, based on the scope required. This option can be considered for:

  • Open-source PHP/MySQL carts like Magento, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Interspire, Ubercart, and WP e-Commerce.
  • Cloud-based carts like Volusion, Yahoo! Stores, Miva Merchant, Shopify, and 3DCart.

Pricing Details

This pricing is for package #1 (CSV/XML to FTP). The Magento integration pricing is an add-on price in the Upgrade Options section below. The package #1 pricing includes moving flat files (CSV or XML) to/from an FTP directory that you provide. We will provide sample files layouts for the flat files. The sync tool will automatically translate the data to get it into and out of the Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac) financial & inventory software.

The software setup price does not vary. The monthly price uses a sliding scale based on the qty of orders per month that are being imported by the Sync Tool.

  • Up to 500 orders/mo = $100/mo
  • 501 to 2,000 orders/mo = $200/mo
  • 2,001 to 10,000 orders/mo = $300/mo
  • Each additional 10,000 orders/mo = ADD $100/mo
  • Sales Orders (order header, order lines, customer, address, CC auth info) - 1 row per order line
  • Customers (can filter customers)
  • Products (includes standard/retail price, can filter products)
  • Inventory Quantity By Warehouse (can filter warehouses & products)
  • Shipments (supports native shipment tracking data or Starship data)
  • This control panel allows you to see (and edit) what the ERP Driver sync tool is doing.
  • It does NOT store your actual data / content – it just stores the configurations used by the ERP Driver software and a history of what happened.
  • Allows you to:
    • Set up and change your FTP pickup and drop-off credentials
    • Turn on & off data moves (individually controlled)
    • Change how often each data move runs (i.e. every 1 minute, hour, day, etc)
    • Run an on-demand refresh of a table of data (moves all records)
    • See an activity log of all data move runs (data time, record count, etc)
  • ERP Driver control panel setup and testing
  • Standard sync tool install with full ERP integration and testing
    • Includes setting up Standard Data Moves only
    • The data moves will pick up / drop off flat files from an FTP directory
    • Client is responsible for providing the FTP directory
    • The files will be in CSV or XML format
    • The file layout (CSV column names / XML element names) will be our default layout
    • CSV files contain: 1) a header row containing the column / field name, and 2) on row for each record
    • XML files contain: 1) a record element (wrapping each record), and ii) element-value pairs for each field
  • Control panel turnover and data flow review phone call with PM (approx. 1 hrs)
  • When the order is received, we will set up a date-time with you for the ERP Driver Install
    • This is typically scheduled for 1-2 weeks after the order date
    • We will set up the ERP Driver control panel and standard configurations before the call
  • You are required to set up an FTP server and provide us login credentials before the call
  • You are required to set up remote access to your network before the call
  • This is required for us to log in and install and test the ERP Driver and change logging
  • Project Management
  • Content support
  • Training
  • Tweaks and Customizations
  • Consulting
  • Punchlisting
  • Any / all other support needed
  • Any un-used time will be refunded or credited to your account
  • Additional time is available in 4 hour blocks

Estimated Total:

$4,580 setup + $100 / month

The following is a list of the most common upgrades requested with our ERP Diver sync tool.

  • Magento Extension & Integration ADD $2,000 setup
  • Zen Cart Integration coming soon
  • PrestaShop Integration coming soon
  • VirtueMart Integration coming soon
  • osCommerce Integration coming soon
  • Additional PM, Consulting, Content, etc. (8-hour block @ $135/hr) $1,080
  • Integrations with Custom APIs or Other Software Systems (planning @ $185/hr, development @ $135/hr) hourly, as needed
    • This includes SOAP, REST, HTML Form Posts, etc
    • This includes receiving / delivering the data in any industry standard or custom file format / payload
    • You providing us with documentation on the APIs
    • You pricing us with details on what data you want integrated
    • You approving a 2-6 hour billable block of time for planning
    • This will allow us to provide a more accurate estimate of the work involved to integrate with the custom API.
    • Once we complete the technical assessment / plan and provide the estimate, you can choose to stop the work or proceed with the implementation.

Website Pipeline designs, builds, hosts and supports B2B and B2C e-commerce websites that integrate with ERP (financial and inventory) software systems. Ecommerce websites with ERP integrations is our only business. We have tens-of-thousands of hours of experience doing it, and we’re great at it.

We’re obviously biased, but we think we have an exceptional product. The product is feature-rich, scalable, and it works. But we don’t stop at the product. We have great people and a solid infrastructure that you can depend upon.

You never know what you're getting when you find a web development firm online, so we’ll lay it out for you. We work in a traditional office environment. We lease a 7,200 sq ft office on the second floor of a much larger 3-story black-glass office building. It’s located about 100 feet from I-385 in Greenville, South Carolina (at the N Pleasantburg Drive exit). We have 30+ employees working right here in our office. People actually show up to the office to work. Some of us have offices with glass walls and doors. Most of us work in cubes. We all have desks. Most of us have filing cabinets that rarely get used for files (it’s mostly electronic here). We work traditional office hours for the most part – some of us burn the midnight oil.

We grew up speaking English in our homes. We’re not trying to be politically incorrect; we just understand that technical projects have enough communication gaps on their own. They don’t need an English language translation problem piled on top.

We have a break room with an overloaded fridge in it. Linda (our office manager and team mom) goes to Sam’s Club and buys snacks every couple of weeks. The junk food is gone in a few days. Some people leave dishes in the sink, but they never admit who they are. Sometimes Linda throws the dishes away. If you check our dumpster, you could probably find some decent coffee cups in there.

We still have a real fax machine (that squeaks when we get faxes). We also have a 60 lb dinner bell that we ring every time we sell or launch a project. We had to get a cast iron stand custom-built to hold it. It’s really loud. Other people (in neighboring offices) on our floor started evacuating the building the first time we rang the bell. It was pretty funny… but they’re used to it now. All of our employees stop working when we ring it to come out and get the details. Then we applaud and get back to work (except the sales guys… they blow smoke for 10-15 more minutes). Every 3 bell rings we get lunch brought in. We work hard, but have a lot of fun. We are total geeks about website development. We live, eat, breath, and sleep it. Most of our employees work during the day and go home at night and write code for fun. One guy wrote a program that allows him to scan his garbage before he throws it away. It goes online with the UPC code, calls a publicly available web service, and adds the item to his grocery list. That’s the kind of people we like to hire. That’s the kind of people that are ready to work on your project.

For more info visit

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